"QUICK TOM ITS A TURTLE DOVE I THINK !" No way I think to myself, my wife does not know one bird from another, so I amble to the kitchen window, and as my jaw hit the floor, I made a quick about turn to grab my camera, so this was taken through a diamond leaded window, very difficult, but it was what she said, a juvenile one. My closest encounter with this Red Listed bird, and it was gone within five mins, but so unforgettable, hence I dug out a image not shown before.
THANK YOU for all your get well wishes, am still in the wars,
========================================================within three days all my muscles started to hurt, from head to toe, in the mornings I can hardly move, am not sleeping much as keep waking up with the pain, am dosing myself up with painkillers. This started soon after I was taking a new drug for prostrate trouble, so I stopped them, but my Doctor is baffled, but says the tablets are harmless!!!! Going back again this Thurs, hopefully I will get a different Doctor.
YOUR VISIT is very appreciated, love your comments, enjoy your week, God bless and keep you all safe and well.

Posted by tom webzell on 2018-10-16 12:08:19

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