Simla (Memories of my childhood) #1

Simla (Memories of my childhood) #1

As I have grown older my childhood memories of growing up in Simla have gradually assumed a fairy tale dimension. I remember Simla as a town which was very close to nature. A town of nimble sunshine in the summers, swirling mist and rain soaked trees in the monsoons, magnificent vistas of the Himalayas after the rains, intense cold and magical snow in the winters…. My journey back into the past was nostalgic…emotional…sad. I was trying to discover my lost childhood through the eyes of my 7 year old daughter. Walking through the bazaars and back alleys with her, I discovered that the never never land of my childhood still exists in a timeless zone.

These days I am only interested in straight out of the camera photography. I avoid PP or keep it to the bare minimum. The quality of light which a camera captures cannot be duplicated or enhanced on a computer. Nature is perfect and some of that perfection can be captured on a camera if one has good lenses and a sound technique. Photography (to me) means getting the aperture, shutter speed, white balance, exposure compensation and depth of field just right at the lowest possible ISO. Boosting colours, contrast and sharpening with photo editing tools seldom adds anything to the image quality. Rather it destroys the essence of nature and of the photograph.

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