SOMEBODY saw a kingfisher the other-day! look it sat on that stake over there. YOU SIT and SIT, until dusk starts moving in, and its time to go without the RED and Blue.
ANOTHER HIDE, on another day, lots of noise from within, and you are greeted by " YOU JUST MISSED IT !" look at my amazing images one says! It will come back, am sure of it, you SIT and SIT, until your having trouble staying awake, so its time to go without the Red and Blue.
"YES YES YES!" I saw one, it was like a swift arrow of colour speeding along the river bank, a flash of RED and BLUE, and it was gone.
MY TURN WILL COME, when I am old and grey, ……But that is now! so I SIT and SIT, dreaming of the RED and BLUE.
OLD IMAGE SHOWN, thank you for hearing my groan, hope you have better luck, stay safe, God bless…………………..

Posted by tom webzell on 2018-10-04 15:27:04

Tagged: , Nature Through The Lens

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