GAMBIA TOUR // LYING STILL ON THE GROUND, waiting for smaller birds, then heard a shuffle behind, to see this big lump coming, completely unafraid, took this image with no cropping , and then it was too close, so moved and made a noise, it then stopped. Please zoom in to see, how beautiful it is!
A DEAD DOG that had been hit by a car, was surrounded by Hooded Vultures, and after three days they still had not opened the poor thing up. In nature they clear up after others have torn the carcase open, they have not the ability with their beaks.
THANK YOU for your visit, have so many images to show, am back to U.K photography again, but will hold on to what I capture for a bit. Please leave a comment, will return the visit very soon. Stay safe, God bless….. Tomx

Posted by tom webzell on 2017-12-12 06:52:38

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