FULMAR  //  FULMARUS  GLACIALIS (110cm wingspan)

TUBE NOSTRILS, take a closer look, this is not a gull, but a relative of the shearwaters and petrels. In flight they have stiffly held wings, and effortless gliding action, swims very buoyantly, and nests in generally sociable colonies on sea cliffs. Love hearing them with various gurgling cackles and grunts. Can be seen now in suitable habitats around the entire coastline of the British Isles.
THANK YOU FOR YOUR VISIT AND KIND COMMENTS. do find it very encouraging, Please stay safe, Gods blessings be with you,……………………Tomx.
FLICKR is even slower that normal!!!!
BEST IMAGE seen is a bad bad Panda!
Forgive me if I do not get to your image!

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