"JUST HAD TO DO IT!" show a second image of the same bird, but that shows how much it meant, to go from zero images of a cuckoo to seventy two keepers, is mind blowing, and this may never happen again.
This beauty at 34cm in length, visits in the summer only, and as you can see its not really suited to the ground, my camera was treated like a machine gun, firing from ground level, as you just don’t know if its going to be seconds or minutes that is stayed, in the end it graced me for twenty mins, was shaking with adrenalin, which does not help the sharpness of the image. and got up thanking my god, with arms outstretched, and with clenched fists saying….."YES" ……"YES…."YES!" and yes I an mad!………lol.
THANK YOU, for your visit, love receiving your comments, every single one off them, will return the visit as S.A.P.
Can I ask you all to consider showing your camera details and settings, it costs nothing, and will help many a new photographer, the way to possible improvements to their images, we all can learn, and that is a definite for me.
Be good and stay safe …….Tomx

Posted by tom webzell on 2017-05-03 09:02:10

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